Injectable Fillers and Anti-Aging Treatments at Tomorrow's Face

The revolution in injectable treatments for facial aging and contouring has enabled the contemporary facial plastic surgeon to offer patients the most comprehensive management options available. Injectable agents have become a mainstay of facial cosmetic therapy and offer the advantages of flexibility, regular patient follow-ups, and ongoing refinement for most treatments.

Injectables refer to materials that are placed into or under the skin to bring about a change in facial appearance. They include the family of materials that fill or contour a facial region (dermal fillers), as well as neurotoxins that selectively weaken facial muscles that create undesirable dynamic folds or wrinkles (e.g., BOTOX®).

Permanent vs. Long-Lasting Dermal Fillers
The advantage of "permanent" fillers is that the results last forever, which is wonderful if a patient is happy with those results. However, if a patient is dissatisfied with results of a permanent filler, those results last forever as well.

Since facial soft tissues continue to change with time, Dr. Morrow prefers "longer lasting" fillers that are administered periodically with amounts or formulations fine-tuned as the patients grow older. In the unlikely event a patient is not pleased with the result, the injection of another agent (an enzyme) can quickly "erase" the effect of the original filler injected and a new treatment can be administered.

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